All Hail the Queen – London
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When one thinks of London, it’s all about the Queen Mum. London is one of the largest gay capitals of the world, and it’s also home to one of Europe’s largest gay and lesbian communities. Aside from stalking all the royalty, what is there to do in London?  Visit the London Eye for amazing views of the city, or sing your way to London Bridge, which, by the way, is not falling down. Shopping is a big deal, especially since its home to the famous Harrods’ Department Store, not to mention all the fancy shmancy boutiques and markets.  Done blowing all your cash on trendy new shoes? Buy tickets to the theatre or pop in for a brew at one of the many bars and pubs located throughout the city. Where’s the gayborhood, you ask? SoHo is teeming with gay bars, restaurants, shops and anything else you desire. If you’re looking for a steamy nightclub to get your groove on with a yummy hottie, check out the area of Vauxhall.  Of course, you’ll need a place to stay, so check out, er, in to one of our TAG approved hotels. Whatever takes you to London, whether it’s the upcoming nuptials of the cheeky Prince William, or a random vacation to let loose, London is the place to be.

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The passion to travel
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The price of airline tickets seems to be on the rise, and then there are those darn luggage fees. What person in their right mind can pack a week’s worth of stuff into a carry-on to save some money? (If you have ideas, please let us know!) The cool thing about travel this year is all the amazing hotel deals that are out there. But, is that going to help sway you in one direction or another? Sure, you can save some money by being frugal on your hotel, but this IS vacation, right? Whatever you decide to do, your vacation or staycation should be more than choosing the perfect hotel or finding the perfect flight. It has to ignite a passion in you, a desire to do something you’ve never done before, to see places you’ve never seen.  It’s about a tandem skydive over Phoenix, doing a canopy tour in Costa Rica, or getting a Eurail pass, a map and your backpack and discovering Europe.  Find your passion and share it with us. We’d love to hear all the juicy details!

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Party Down In Berlin
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berlinJohn F. Kennedy famously said, “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which actually meant that he was a jelly donut, but you can be “ein Berliner” as well for a lot less than you’d think.  Germany’s recently enjoyed a renaissance as the cool capital of Europe.  With comparisons to Manhattan circa Woody Allen’s (and, arguably, the city’s) heyday, Berlin has become a haven for creative types, edgy art, music and a party scene that would exhaust even the most crazy club kids in Chelsea.

Check out the Berghain Club, Germany’s most famous techno club for a high-energy gay scene that get your heart racing.  Afterwards you can recuperate at the Treibhaus Sauna, which really, ‘nuff said.  Of course, you can’t visit Berlin without taking in some culture, so visit the Gay Museum for a history of Gay life in Germany.

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